Spring Gardening: Avoiding Aches and Pains in the Garden

Spring is here. With Spring starting a lot of people are itching to get outside to start doing some yard work. Many people are starting to trim up bushes and trees or planting seeds and bulbs in the ground. One thing to keep in mind, especially as you age, is the toll extended sitting, bending over, or doing a variety of garden chores can do on your body. Sudden aches and pains can be a very clear indicator of this and usually the first one you may see, as well as next day soreness or tight muscles.

How can you mitigate these aches and pains while still being able to enjoy what you love doing outside in the garden? We have some solutions for you.


Garden with a plan.

Set a plan for yourself and set some goals. Decide how long you’re going to garden for and what you’re going to do, so you can plan accordingly. Set breaks for yourself to stretch so you aren’t sitting or bending over for long periods of time. Planning before you garden can allow you to do things such as bring items to you so you won’t need to bend for an extended period of time.

Avoid bending and reaching.

Repeatedly bending at the waist and knees can put undue stress on your back joints and muscles as well as your knees. Sometimes just seating yourself can help. If you’re getting down on the ground, make sure you pad underneath yourself, most especially if you plan on kneeling.


Employ the use of long handled tools.

Using long handled tools rather than short trowels can help you avoid reaching forward or bending over. If you need to rake, make sure that you’re utilizing the correct rake that keeps you from bending over and doing a lot of scraping.

Ask for help.

Definitely ask for help if you have trouble getting close or you can’t lift heavy items that you have decided you need to move. If you’re doing a lot of raking or shoveling in a large area, breaking it down into pieces and asking for help can help you tackle it in a manageable way.


Before, after, and during breaks, stretching can do wonders to alleviate aches and pains for gardening.

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