Pre/Postnatal Chiropractic  Falls Church, VA

Pre/Postnatal Chiropractic

Pre/Postnatal Chiropractic care at Quality Chiropractic with Dr. Camille D’Amato is specifically designed to support the health and comfort of expectant and new mothers. This specialized chiropractic care can help alleviate pregnancy-related discomfort and promote overall well-being during the prenatal and postnatal periods.

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FAQs for Pre/Postnatal Chiropractic

Pre/postnatal chiropractic care can help manage back pain, hip pain, and other discomforts associated with pregnancy. It can also support proper alignment and movement, which may aid in labor and postpartum recovery.


Pre/postnatal chiropractic care can start at any point during pregnancy and continue into the postpartum period. The frequency of sessions depends on your individual needs and will be discussed with Dr. D'Amato.