Is Working at Home a Pain in your Neck?

Many individuals are developing musculoskeletal pain due to the poor ergonomics of their make-shift home office. 

Slouching, keeping your head bent forward when texting, tilting to hold your phone to your ear and just sitting at the computer all day will leas to postural imbalances that eventually lead to pain.  Here are some suggestions: 

  • To avoid neck pain, keep your screen at eye level. use books to prop it up to raise it or a stand
  • Sit on a good shair that allows you to sit on your sit bones with a little arch in your lower back.
  • When sitting, have both feet on the floor at a right angle to your knees
  • Avoid crossing your legs or tucking your feet.
  • If you are using a lap top, use it for a monitor only. Use a remote keyboard and/or tray and put it over your lap so your arms are at right angles

** avoid having your head forward.  For every inch your head is forward from your torso you increase the weight and pressure in your upper back and neck by 10 POUNDS.


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