The Proven Benefits of Massage

Research has been proving more and more through scientific data what massage and physical therapy professionals have known for decades  -- that receiving regular massage has tremendous and wide ranging health and wellness benefits. From medical symptoms like high blood pressure and injuries to issues more traditionally classified as mental health such as anxiety, massage should be an essential part of everyone's wellness plan.


Read what the highly esteemed Mayo Clinic says about massage:

Karl Hejlik Karl Hejlik is a licensed massage therapist with experience in multiple modalities of massage including Swedish, Deep Tissue, Myofascial release, and Trigger Point Therapy. Karal specializes in the treatment of muscle strains and issues such as shoulder (rotator cuff injuries), sciatica, back pain, and headaches. With experience in spa/salon setting as well as medical offices, Karal believes in treating the body and mind holistically and has an interest in Eastern modes of healing.

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