Spinal Decompression Study

Study of the week: This study shows the association of intervertebral disc height and spinal decompression and its effects on low back pain. Patients with disc herniations underwent a 6 week treatment plan that consisted of motorized non surgical spinal decompression and measured with pre& post CT scans in order to establish disc height and low back pain correlation.

In this study of non-surgical spinal decompression for chronic discogenic low back pain we were able to demonstrate an association between the restoration of disc height and pain relief. 


Dr. Nhu Huynh Dr. Nhu Huynh is a first generation Chiropractor born in Orange County, California and raised in Charlotte, NC.Dr. Nhu's main passion through chiropractic care is comprehensive health& wellness for all individuals. She practices full spine adjustments as well as soft tissue rehabilitation and is certified in extremity adjusting and Webster’s technique.

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