Our Plan to Keep You Safe!

WE ARE OPEN and here is Our Plan to keep you safe: 

  1. Checking into the office you will be aware of several safety precautions.

-   Waiting room: 

i. You will notice tape on our floor at 6-foot intervals.  This measurement is to help regulate social distancing.

ii. We are limiting only 10 people (including staff) in the office at the same time

iii. Only patients being treated, or the parent of a minor is permitted into the office at time of appt.

-CDC Social distancing guidelines

-   Additionally

      iv. Masks must be worn for all Patients and Doctors. 

iv. Hand sanitizer dispensers are available for patients use throughout the office.  

v. Extra masks and gloves are available to patients at their request.

vi. Surfaces patients come in contact with are sanitized as necessary throughout the day.

vii. Sign in pens are also sterilized.


  1. Temperature screening

- First via forehead with an Infrared Thermometer. 

-CDC Fever Guidelines Link


  1. Disinfection of your shoes: 

-   You will be given spray and asked to disinfect your shoes before you are permitted past the waiting room area.


  1. Survey of past exposure:

-   We will ask you to fill a survey to reassure us that you have not been to a highly affected area.

  1. Private room for therapy:

-   To prevent any possible cross contamination every patient will be given their individual therapy room.


6. Room sterilization:   

i. Before each shift all doorknobs, and work surfaces are sterilized.

ii. UV light sterilizer is used throughout the office on each day that we are open.                       

- CDC UV sterilizers link

iii. Table sterilization is performed before each treatment in the presence of the patient. 


  1.     For any high-risk patients; we are an offering special scheduling service.

- Seeing them outside patient hours or home visits.


  1.       Staff

i. The temperature of every staff member is taken when they come work.  

- Anyone with a fever is placed in quarantine for 14 days. 

-VHD Quarantine link

ii. Gloves and masks are worn when in contact with any patient

iii. Hands washed or sterilized between each patient.

iv. Sterilization of shoes when entering the office.  

v. We have eliminated all unnecessary contacts.

World Health Organization workplace link

We will continue to update our protocol as new recommendations become available.

If you decide to suspend treatment and stay home during this time, we respect that, and are offering telehealth visits. With telehealth we can work out stretching and exercise plans as needed.


If you have canceled your appointment because you have been laid off or furloughed from your job, we are here to help.

**If you have health insurance, we are waiving co-pay.

**If you do not have health insurance, we are reducing your payment to half our usual fee.


The ability to treat you is a privilege that we would never take for granted.  Every one’s safety is our greatest priority.

Dr. K.C. Adolph Associate Chiropractor at Quality Chiropractic for over 7 years, Dr. K.C. Adolph is a certified Active Release Physician focusing on myofascial release techniques. He enjoys all sports and is an avid college basketball and NFL fan. He has a toddler at home and spends most of his “free time” enjoying his antics.

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