It's estimated that 30 - 35% of adults in DC, Maryland, and Virginia have Metabolic Syndrome. 
For perspective, that's 2.5 - 3 million people!


And a large portion of these folks don't even know they have it!

....So what is it? 

Metabolic syndrome is actually a collection of conditions that appear simultaneously. 

Patients with metabolic syndrome have been diagnosed with 3 or more of the following conditions: 

1) Abnormal cholesterol levels
2) Abnormal triglyceride levels
3) High blood pressure

4) High blood sugar
5) Excess body fat around the waist 

Metabolic syndrome is linked to inactivity, obesity, and insulin resistance.


It increases the risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes. 

While all of this sounds pretty scary, the good news is that Metabolic Syndrome can be REVERSIBLE and PREVENTABLE. 

Here's how you can lower your risk of developing Metabolic Syndrome: 

- Maintain a healthy body weight
- Avoid smoking
- Eat a healthy diet with a wide variety of produce and lean proteins
- Stay active 

- Avoid smoking

Britt Sulkin Britt Sulkin is an ontological life coach with a background in psychology and leadership. Her passion is supporting others in creating and achieving goals that excite them. If you’re looking to make a once- and-for–all kind of change, she’s your gal. Britt believes that the Ideal Protein protocol is a powerful tool to treat metabolic syndrome and in turn helping you lose weight. She looks forward to sharing it with those who are ready to start a new chapter in their health journey.

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