Maintenance Chiropractic care study.

Patients receiving ongoing & regular chiropractic care endure less functional limiting low back pain as opposed to patients receiving treatment only relating to an acute episode of low back pain.

Maintenance care in this trail follows a model called the Nordic maintenance care program, a secondary/ tertiary method where patients are treated at regular intervals over the course of 12 months. Patients receiving maintenance care had flat low back pain trajectories and overall suppressed their dysfunctional profiles.


Link to the study

Dr. Nhu Huynh Dr. Nhu Huynh is a first generation Chiropractor born in Orange County, California and raised in Charlotte, NC.Dr. Nhu's main passion through chiropractic care is comprehensive health& wellness for all individuals. She practices full spine adjustments as well as soft tissue rehabilitation and is certified in extremity adjusting and Webster’s technique.

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